TG4 R&B Star Amber Denise “Sevyn” Streeter Gets EXTREME Facial Surgery! (Unrecognizable Pics)

Member of Tom Gurl Four Sevyn Streeter gets EXTREME facial surgery and is barely recognizable!!!

R&B singer Sevyn Streeter joined hundreds of celebrities who have gotten their faces upgraded. It was recently reported that Sevyn born Amber Denise Streeter underwent a dramatic facial surgery. And she unveiled her NEW FACE in a recent interview.

Keep reading, exclusive pics ahead!

2000s girl group TG4 and RichGirl member Sevyn Streeter recently appeared in an interview with Claudia Jordan for Out Loud. In a clip of the interview, Sevyn born Amber Denise Streeter is seen talking about important subjects such as depression, anxiety and mental health.

But what many fans are SHOCKED to see is Sevyn’s NEW FACE.

It was recently revealed that Sevyn, 34, had actually gone through an EXTREME facial reconstructive surgery and fans are appalled to see how drastically her face has changed.

The 34-year-old singer has beautiful features, but she doesn’t look the same anymore. The buzz on social media is that she doesn’t even look like the same person and looks UNRECOGNIZEABLE.

Here’s what she looks like now: