Love & Hip Hop Star Atasha ‘Tommie’ Jefferson AR’RESTED For Illegally Twerking On Man’s Car In Miami! (Video)

Reality TV show Love & Hip Hop star Atasha ‘Tommie’ Jefferson ARRESTED for illegally twerking on man’s car in Miami!

Love & Hip Hop cast member Tommie Lee was arrested over the weekend after she was reported to the police by a man. Tommie was seen on the roof of a car and was filmed TWERKING while people watched.

The car owner had to call the police and filed charges against the reality TV star.

Tommie Lee born Atasha Chizzaah Jefferson got a little too drunk over the weekend and she decided to jump on top of a stranger’s car and TWERK.

In a video, captured by a passerby, Tommie is seen dancing and twerking while the car owner is seen angry.

So what did the man do when Tommie didn’t get off his car? He called the cops…

In the short clip, the man is seen screaming at Tommie while she is giving onlookers a proper show. The man is seen trying to pull Tommie off the roof of his car with no success.

So, reportedly, he called the cops on Tommie and filed charges…

This isn’t Tommie’s first brush with the authorities either. In 2018, the 36-year-old reality TV star was arrested for aggravated stalking and obstruction of an officer.

In the video, Tommie is seen wearing neon pink shorts and crop top co-ord along with short weave.

Throughout the video, multiple people are heard saying “Get down Tommie”, while she danced away.