Actress Lisa Raye Rejects To Be With A Man Who Can’t Support Her Financially

You better have your money in order if you want to date the actress Lisa Raye McCoy. She has a fundamental expectation for the person she is dating. Even though she has her own, the boyfriend is paying the bills, the actress r**ealed. All the time.

Lisa Raye McCoy was born in Chicago to prosperous parents, one of whom was a former model for a living. She decided to pursue an acting career rather than a degree while she was enrolled at Eastern Illinois University.

Michael Misick, the premier of the Turks & Caicos Islands, and Lisa Raye McCoy were wed in a historic ceremony. Just two years later, the couple made their divorce plans public. Additionally, her ex-husband who was aegedly in office was set to go on trial for a huge sndal.

With everything she has accomplished, Lisa Raye McCoy has made it clear what it takes for a man to date her. On his I Got My Pots podcast, Trick Daddy and the actress recently r**ealed that no man she dates will be able to cover all or even most of the fees.

But he will cover all costs. One of Lisa Raye’s defenses for this demand is that she engages in s**ual activity with the man. In the post, the actress continued, REAL MEN have always taken care of shelter, giving, & guarding. Also, if you don’t have it, go get it.

According to the actress, even if her significant other would be responsible for paying the m**tgage and other large payments, he shouldn’t anticipate that she would even be able to pay the light bill. Lisa Raye McCoy remarked, “If you’re a boss, you’re supposed to be doing the dang thing.