Kevin Hart’s Brother Was Emancipated by His Mother – The Brothers Became Close after Robert Hart Changed His Ways

Kevin Hart / Brothers Robert & Kevin Hart |Source: Instagram/kevinhart4real, Getty Images

Kevin Hart’s brother was once emancipated by his mother, the comedian revealed in his documentary, which came out in 2019.

Fans of Kevin Hart know the comedian for his hilarious personality. However, those who have watched the documentary on Netflix have seen deeper into his life.

In the documentary “Don’t F*** This Up,” the comedian talks about many things, including how he was raised by a single mother. Kevin also opens up about his relationship with his brother Robert after he changed his ways.

Kevin Hart Once Called Him “King Negative”
Kevin once described his brother as a pessimist and referred to him as “King Negative.” In an interview in 2015, the comedian jokingly stated that his brother always tried to bring him down.

He was proud to witness Kevin’s growth.
The comedian gave an example of land he had bought and was planning to build a house. Before executing his plans, Kevin wanted to get his brother’s opinion. Upon calling Robert, he gave him a skeptical view. The father of four stated that his brother always keeps it real.

Who Is Robert Hart?
Kevin’s older brother, Robert, turned 50 on September 19, 2021. The comedian shared a sweet message on his Instagram celebrating his brother’s 50th birthday. Kevin thanked his brother for supporting him through the years and said he was his ride-or-die.

While Kevin ventured into the entertainment industry, Robert followed a different path as he wanted to be the world’s best pool player and compete professionally. However, he still has a long way to go before getting to the top. Currently, ranks him 861 spots on earnings.

Robert does pretty well and has been playing for over a decade (that we know of). In 2013, he celebrated his win during the Mezz Pro-Am Tour.

Kevin Hart’s brother also competed in the 2022 UK Open Pool Championship but got knocked out by a two-time world champion, Albin Ouschan. Robert is passionate about the sport; he has a huge pool table room in his house. He said he took time to renovate the room and is proud of it.

Robert’s daughter knows her way around a pool table, and it seems she’s following in her father’s footsteps. In one of his posts, Robert stated that his daughter’s interest in pool sport began when she was five.

Robert is a supportive brother and is actively involved in Kevin’s career. In one of his Instagram posts, he said he was proud to witness Kevin’s growth.

Kevin Hart Spoke about His Brother’s past in His Documentary
In his documentary, the comedian revealed that his mother gave his brother a lot of freedom, but Robert misused it and even joined a gang:

“One afternoon, my brother actually tried to snatch a purse from an old lady. That there was the last straw for my mom. She took my brother to court and got him emancipated.”

Kevin’s mother feared that he might turn out like his brother; as a result, she took strict measures to keep him off the streets. Kevin said that his mother came up with a structured, systematic, and supervised routine that she imposed on his life.

In her routine, Kevin would wake up at 6 a.m. and catch the school bus at 7 a.m. After school, Kevin Hart would then engage in extra-curriculum activities.

Despite their ups and downs, Kevin and Robert have a great relationship. The comedian constantly shares pictures of them on his Instagram. In one of his posts, he captioned, “My Guy, Love u, champ!”