DL Hughley Trolls Kanye For Marrying A
Golddigger: ‘When She Leaves Yo A–, She Gon
Leave With Half’

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian finalized their divorce this week. The lengthy process has resulted in them sharing custody of their four children both legally and physically. However, Kim is still expected to have the children 80% of the time, with Kanye being asked to pay up 200k a month to support them. This has many recalling one of his greatest hits, “Gold Digger,” and pointing out how West predicted his own future.

2005’s “Gold Digger” was a significant hit for Kanye West. Featuring Jamie Foxx, the song was initially pitched for Chicago rapper Shawnna who passed up on it. West kept it for his sophomore album, Late Registration, where it served as his first single. “Gold Digger” was a #1 hit for Kanye and won him a Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance. The song is about fame culture and women who date rich men for money and opportunity. West sings about how beautiful women will get pregnant to secure their man’s money for 18 years while they raise their child together.

Kim Kardashian may be far from a gold digger. The self-made millionaire came from a well-off family and used her money and looks to build a media and beauty empire. However, she is still cashing in on being Kanye’s wife thanks to the hefty fee he will now be paying to support their kids. Comedian DL Hughley pointed out the irony in this and how West rapped about something similar on “Gold Digger.”

In addition to receiving $200,000 monthly, Kim Kardashian has received several properties including the home Kanye West purchased next to her earlier this year.