Rapper T.I. Has Made Peace With Son, King Harris’ Decisions: ‘There’s Nothing Me Or His Mom Can Do’

Successful musicians and reality stars T.I. and Tiny Harris are well-known for their large family. Their three biological children together with four offs pring from prior relationships make up the mixed family. They have a total of seven, and they have all grown up on our television screens.

One of their most recognizable children, Clifford “King” Joseph Harris III, is known for his distinctively huge hair and outgoing demeanour. Due to a recent encounter with la’w enforcement that made him the subject of news coverage, he is also the most noticeable right now.

King is T.I. and Tiny’s tr’ibe’s oldest biol ogical son. On August 25th, 2004, he was born. He has a sizable internet following and is a well-known singer, rapper, and social media sensation. He has a boisterous demeanour and is so passionate about anime and

music that he goes by the stage moniker Kid Saiyan, which is a reference to Dragon Ball Z. King has a strong commitment to the rock star lifestyle and appears to have already strayed into the wrong cro’wd as a result. The 18-year-old, who claims he was stopped and

arested while route to vacation, recently had a mug sht released. After years of attempting to influence him, his father, T.I, jumped in and addressed his Instagram followers to let them know that he is aware of his son’s actions but has come to terms with his choices.

He’s going to j*il if he gotdamn keep that up. There is no getting around it, and there is nothing I can do about it, bemoaned T.I. I am aware of that energy. I embodied its force. Before a fan who saw him interrupted him, I know precisely how it’s going to come out.

T.I. continues by saying that he thinks his son is a good kid who just needs to pay more attention. The rapper claims that since he has been talking to King for months and has done everything he can,

fans should stop telling him how to raise his son. His supporters supported him and stated, I agree with him on this. You will learn from life.