22-Year-Old Raising His Younger Brother After Parents Died Are Gifted Remodeled Home

After losing their parents and grandfather, Jaylan, 22, and his brother Julian, 12, have had a difficult few years. Jaylan adhered to his commitment to his mother to watch out for Julian.

Jaylan stated, “[I] try my best to control him, ensure he doesn’t get into trouble, and ensure he is loved.”

Harvey and the 2021 freeze both wreaked havoc on their house. “There was a time when I was just through with the house. I once thought about selling it. I was carrying way too much weight. I couldn’t do that, Jaylan remarked.

When that happened, Katy Responds, a local group there, responded in a truly amazing way with assistance from Lakewood Church. Executive Director Ron Peters said, “There’s just no way they could have lived in it and probably wouldn’t have ever fixed it.”

In three months, the organization finished remodeling the entire house. “I want you to live in a secure environment. For a few years, I want you to be able to stop worrying about your house, Peters stated. “We work in this way. It takes effort. Even though it’s nonprofit work, we do it because of those guys.

Jaylin and Julian are prepared for a fresh start in their life now that they have a reliable roof over their heads. “I’m very glad to realize there are wonderful individuals in the world. I merely appreciate how we have been handled. I didn’t believe anything wonderful would occur, Julian said.