Adrian Peterson is now a father of a 5th child with 4th women

Adrian Peterson is now father to one more child with another woman, named Erica Syion. Reportedly, the Minnesota Vikings player fathered Erica’s four-years-old son. Erica’s name has surfaced after the NFL star made headliners for fathering his 5th child with the fourth woman in his life. Erica Syion, who worked at a club, lives in Dallas, Texas.

The duo reportedly has financial agreements and Adrian provides Erica the money she needs for the schooling of the child and raising him. Adrian, on the other hand, pays a visit to his child and the mother once in a while. Talking about it, Erica stated, “To my knowledge he takes care of them all but I only found out about the other two this week.” Erica further claimed that her son “knows four other brothers and sisters.”

Reports suggest that Erica and Adrian got to know each other in Houston in 2007. However, their relationship couldn’t stand the test of time and fall into the pit as it went on.

Now, the Vikings player has 5 kids in total. Earlier in a documentary in 2009, he addressed two children as his kids, one being 4 at that time, he didn’t mention the age of the other one in the video. However, reports claim he was referring to his son he has with Erica.

Adrian became father of another two children, named Adrian Peterson Jr., 2, and another toddler, 3 months, with a Minnesota resident. Meanwhile, a report has surfaced that one of the sportsman’s sons, 2, died a few days ago in a shocking incident after his mother’s carelessness. Reports further claims that it is no one but Adrian Peterson Jr., however, it is not confirmed yet.

Addressing it, Erica earlier stated that she was ‘sorry’ and it broke her heart to know that her daughter would never get to know her ‘big brother’.