After Many Rumors, Freddie Jackson Shared The Real Cause Of His Extreme Weight Loss

Almost everyone who is a fan of old school R&B, is a fan of the legendary Freddie Jackson. Matter of fact, many of us, Old Schoolers, still jam to Freddy’s classics like, Jam Tonight, You Are My Lady, Rock Me Tonight to this very day.

Simply put, Freddie’s name will always be synonymous with classic, authentically soulful R&B.

On the flip side, his name has also consistently been synonymous with rumors about his personal life: his s*xuality, his health, you name it. Those rumors blew ALL the way up in recent years after Freddie stayed out of the public spotlight for a while, only to resurface looking like half of the Freddie we all knew him to be.

His weight had dropped tremendously and many of his fans were seriously concerned about his health. At the same time, that’s also when the gay rumors, H*V/A*DS rumors, and c*ncer rumors about Freddie, went from level 1 to 1000 in no time flat

So Why Did Freddie Jackson Lose 107 Pounds?



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In an interview with WBLS, Freddie addressed the many rumors to shut down the talk he’d been hearing about his health. In a nutshell, Freddie said there ain’t a damn thing wrong with his health, so stop it.

Why did he lose the weight? That answer’s simple, according to Jackson. He revealed that he lost 107 pounds because he was concerned about his health, after getting a weight related health scare from his doctor some years ago. He also said that as he aged, he realized that he couldn’t control that, but what he knew he could take control was his health. That’s when he says he started making better food choices and living a much healthier lifestyle, which ultimately allowed him to drop the weight and keep it off.

Watch Jackson Discuss Major Weight Loss & Shut Down Rumors

Check out what else he said in his interview below (he talks about his weight at 7:10 mark of the video):

Freddie said he’s ‘not sick,’ nor ‘dy’ing.’ As far as his s*xuality, he addressed that on an episode of Unsung. He didn’t confirm, nor deny if he’s g*y, but he pretty much told it like it is- that it ain’t nobody’s da’mn business (just not in those exact words though). You tell ’em Freddie Jackson!

Be sure to check out Freddie Jackson’s new podcast, “Conversations With Freddie Jackson” every Thursday night at 8p.m. on his Facebook page and Youtube channel.