Chante’s Got A Man: Announces Recent Engagement To Her Celebrity Fiance’

Sing it with me now: “Chante’s got a man, at home Chante’s got a man at home/ It hurts me your man’s leaving you all alone/ I can’t help it that your baby’s bad/ Creeping out, che’ating on ya, be’ating on ya/ Chante’s got a man at home/ And he’s sure good to me.”

Yep…those are the song lyrics Chante Moore is likely at home singing right about now. Why? Because it’s official…ol’ girl has “got a man” and he’s all good to her. So, who is the lucky brotha, you ask? He’s a highly successful celeb’ whom many of us will recognize. Get your scroll-on to check him out..

Meet Chante Moore’s New Fiance’…Former BET Exec,’ Stephen Hill

If you’ve ever watched BET’s shows at some point, chances are you’ve either seen or heard of the network’s former executive, Stephen Hill. He was Head of Programming at the BET Network for many years, and he resigned in 2017.

How They Shared The News With Fans

Many fans were caught off guard when Chante Moore first took to Instagram on Wednesday, October 27, 2021, to reveal that she’s now officially engaged to Stephen. Most of us had no clue the two were even dating.

Chante shared a photo of she and Stephen Hill on a boat, celebrating his 60th birthday. In her post, she wrote a touching message about their love:

I’m happier than the morning sun
and that’s the way you said that it would be… If I should ever bring you inside my life…

All my life I was alone,
Didn’t think I’d find my part,
Now I see my joy’s inside your arms.

Every day I searched for the star,
that never was in the sky,
and now I see my star is on earth.

She continued:

… and I’m happier than the morning sun… and that’s the way you said that I would be… so glad I gave you a chance to come inside my life… 🎼 I couldn’t think of a better way to say~ what love, peace and joy I feel~ because of you @stephengranthill There are mountains, valleys and hidden coves, full of treasures I’ve never seen before … that are pouring out of your heart! Thank you for showering me with more than I ever expected!! Happy Birthday and I love you! Who knew 30 years ago~ through many chance meetings… we would end up H E R E!?!? 🥰 But, here we are…. WE will enjoy OUR gift of the “PRESENT!” 💜💞💜

Awww…that was beautiful, right?

Well, the public display of affection didn’t stop there. Over on Stephen’s Instagram page he went public with their engagement news as well, in a cozied-up video of Chante and himself dancing to Junior’s ’80s hit, “Mama Used To Say.”
He captioned the video with, “A lil’ loopin with my fiancé.” Check them out below…




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Celebs Congratulate the Son-To-Be-Married Couple

Soon as their posts went up, several celebs chimed in with their congrats filled comments online:

“Video Soul” founder, Donnie Simpson wrote, “Two of my favorite people on earth are getting married. Congratulations @stephengranthill @iamchantemoore. Two of the coolest people I know. 🤗 😍”


Sheila E said, “happy birthday … And congratulations.”

Kathy Sledge wrote, “Congratulations!!🎉🍾🎊🥂🍾!!”

Former “106th & Park” host, AJ Calloway, commented, “Congratulations again my brother!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And the list goes on and on.

As y’all can see from their IG posts, Chante Moore and Stephen Hill are hella happy…and we couldn’t be more happy for them. Congrats to them both.