Close Call: John Amos Detailed How Men Almost Kil’led Him Over “Roots” Movie Character

That story John Amos told is something to laugh at now, but I’m sure there was no chuckling going on back then.

Amos also said that he experienced an extremely emotional, surreal breakdown moment on the set of Roots during filming, after what he explained as “hearing voices of his ancestors speak directly to him.” They had to pause the filming process because of it. Turn the page to watch the video clip of Amos detailing that ‘spiritual incident.’

Very interesting. I’m not sure if Amos was hearing his ancestors, or just becoming overwhelmed by the emotional be’ating and pain that starring in such a powerful, raw depiction, like Roots, could cause.

Either way, every actor did an incredible job. They had to di’g from someplace deep down mentally, psychologically, and spirit’ually that they’d probably never tap’ped into before and I’m sure the realness of the script and the scenes they were portraying, must have taken a psychological/emotional toll on them at that time, understandably so.

Much respect to the the late, great writer of Roots, Alex Haley, for bringing to life the story of his REAL family and allowing us all to feel a piece of our own personal family history through the story of his.