Da Brat Claims She’s Scared Of Sister, Lisa Raye: “I Have A Little Bit Of Fear For Her”

The sisterhood between actress LisaRaye McCoy and rapper Da Brat is one where love is definitely involved. However, many events, especially recently, have shown that things haven’t been so great between the two. Sadly, some of their disputes have spilled into the media for public consumption. But recently, Da Brat held a conversation with television producer and manager Mona Scott-Young where she explained why their issues remain constant and never seem to resolve.

You may recall the unexpected dispute between the sisters that rocked LisaRaye’s birthday in 2020. The Cocktails With Queens co-host was surprised by her fellow hosts by Da Brat for her 53rd birthday on the show. However, things went left very quickly when it was revealed that there was some longstanding tension between them.It was during Da Brat’s appearance that it was revealed that there had been space between them for months. LisaRaye was upset that she had to find out her sister publicly came out as a lesbian and announced her relationship to the world via social media.

Da Brat tried to reconcile and make nice with her sister during the awkward appearance. She shared that they’d “never had bad blood, ever,” although they’d been upset with one another. But to be in a space where they aren’t speaking to one another was new. In addition, Da Brat expressed a character trait of LisaRaye’s that doesn’t mesh with her. “My sister can get real critical sometimes,” she said, adding that the actress will say things without caring about the after effect. But she stated that it’s just her acting as the “protective big sister.”

Da Brat wanted LisaRaye to know at that moment that although she acknowledges the Players Club actress is older than her, she’s “grown” as well. She also recognized the part she played in their distance. But LisaRaye wasn’t ready to let go of the “hurt” she was feeling.

LisaRaye explained her side on a subsequent episode of Cocktails with Queens. Now that she’d been able to process, the actress admitted that there was no fall-out but stressed that she had begun to feel like “extended family.” LisaRaye shared that they would “fix it in God’s time” and wished her the best. Later, when the “What’chu Like” rapper revealed that she and her then-fiancee, Jesseca Dupart, were expanding their family, LisaRaye was again upset. She spoke about her feelings in an interview on the It’s Tricky with Racquel Harper Podcast, sarcastically saying that the news was “wonderful.”

The actress then shared that once again, she had found pivotal news out via social media. LisaRaye then stated that the two had a conversation where she expressed she wanted to “marvel in [Da Brat’s] happiness.” But Da Brat responded that she “wanted to do this on her own” without anyone’s “opinions.” LisaRaye further shared her understanding of what it feels like to find a partner and “cling” to them. But she says that the partner should be treated as a “bonus.”

All that has transpired could be explained in Da Brat’s recent conversation with Mona Scott-Young on Instagram Live. During their talk, the rapper shared that she had a “fear” of revealing things to her big sister. The rapper explained that LisaRaye’s always been “authoritative” and would even “whoop her” as if she were her mother. In addition, the rapper explained that she still has a bit of “fear” for LisaRaye.