Daughter Of Sidney Poitier Died Suddenly, Now He & Her Kids Are Pushing Forward In Her Honor

When acting legend, Sidney Poitier, married his now ex-wife, Juanita Hardy, in 1950, they would have never imagined that 50+ years later, they’d have to lay one of their beautiful children to rest. To say that is just not the natural order of life, is an understatement, it is the greatest pain that no parent should ever have to face. Unfortunately last year, in mid-2018, it is a pain that Sidney and Juanita came to know firsthand, when they lost their beloved daughter, Gina.

As they continue to adjust to their ‘new normal,’ the Oscar winning actor has had to face a ‘new first’ this year. As we previously reported, he celebrated his 92nd birthday in February 2019. Though that is a blessing in itself, it was the Uptown Saturday Night star’s first time celebrating his birthday without his 4th born (of 6) child, here with them in over five decades. Read more below…

Here’s How Poitier’s Grandkids Are Keeping Their Late Mom’s Legacy Alive

Sidney’s Grandbabies Pushing Past Their Grief…

When Gina Patrice Poitier-Gourage passed away in 2018, her physical presence left this earth, but her spirit and legacy continue to live on through her children. She had 4 kids with her husband, Gaetan Gouraige. Sadly, one of their children, Emanuel, preceded her in death. But like their grandfather, Sidney Poitier, the Gouraiges’ remaining children- daughter, Guylaine Marie-Rose Gouraige, Gabrielle Marie-Therese Gouraige and son Etienne Poitier Gouraige- are doing their best to keep on keepin’ on without their beloved Mother.

Two key moments are evidence of that. Gina died the same year her then 23 year old daughter, Guylaine, was set to graduate from college. Seven months later, we’re pretty sure Gina would have been very proud of the way Guylaine pushed past her grief and still accomplished her goal of walking across the stage on graduation day in December 2018. She also made sure her Mom’s presence was felt while there- her cap said it all in the photo up top.

The following month, in January 2019, Gina and Gaetan’s son, Etienne, found joy on his 23rd birthday. In the photo above, his two sisters- Guylaine and Gabrielle- and also his nana, Juanita Hardy (Sidney Poitier’s ex-wife) were smiling on his b-day. It was beautiful to see them with smiles on their faces after losing one of the greatest loves of their lives months earlier.

See What The Poitier Family Said About Gina After Her Passing

Family Reminisces About Gina…

In the obituary, provided by Gina Poitier-Gouraige’s loved ones, they did not give many details about the cause of her death, but they confirmed that her passing was “quick and unexpected.” Here’s part of what they wrote about Sidney and Juanita’s beloved baby girl:

‘On the afternoon of May 27, 2018, Gina Patrice Poitier Gouraige was granted her angel wings. Her departure was quick and unexpected. Gina was the youngest daughter of Sidney and Juanita Poitier…. As the youngest of 4 children Gina was teased quite a bit by her oldest sister Beverly. She was protected and soother by her next older sister Pamela and her sister Sherri practiced her hair cutting skills on Gina often. As the youngest child Gina, was loved tremendously, spoiled by her mother and her second Mother “Mama Jean”. Gina spent many a day on her father’s lap escaping the strict discipline…expected from her sisters.’

Read the rest below via NorthsideChapel.com:

Our condolences to Sidney Poitier; his ex-wife, Juanita Hardy; his grandkids, Guylaine, Gabrielle, Etienne; and the rest of their family friends, and loved ones. May Gina Poitier- Gouraige continue to rest in power.