Denise ‘Vanity’ Matthews breathes her last at the age of 57

Popular Canadian singer and songwriter, Denise Vanity Matthews breathed her last at the age of 57. The former lead singer of the 80s ILOSM group passed away due to serious health conditions.

“She absolutely loved God unto salvation,” her friend MC Hammer tweeted after she passed away. “She fell ill during the night [and] ended up on life support.”

The singer, known to have a traumatic life, from suffering domestic abuse to battling with the drug addiction, Denise had many ups and downs in her life. The singer garnered praise after she devoted herself to Christianity.

Denis aka Vanity survived kidney failure before she opted for kidney transplant. Days before she died, the singer suffered major abdominal pain which is suspected to be the primary health reason for her death.

According to a leading daily, her family reported, “Vanity took her last breath at a Fremont, CA hospital today (2-15-16). Just a few months ago, Vanity announced that she was diagnosed with sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis (an inflammation of the small intestines) and she’d set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for her medical expenses.”

The media house also claimed that her family opened up about her health condition, writing, “Her kidneys were destroyed after years of battling a cocaine addiction, which ultimately led to an overdose in 1994, sending her kidneys into destruction. She’s undergone almost daily dialysis treatments.”

Days before passing away, the singer went to church and stated to the congregation that she was “ready to go home,” reports further claim.

More about Denis Matthews:

Born in Canada, Denis ‘Vanity’ Matthews started her glitzy career of becoming a model and actress in the 1980s. Later she bagged projects like The Last Dragon, 52 pick up. Later she became the singer of the popular band group and led Vanity 6. Her band rose to fame with the hit, Nasty Girl.