Ike Turner’s 13th Wife Claims He Ab*sed Her…And She Says She ‘Understood’ Why

The late Ike Turner stated quite often that he was married a whopping thirteen times in his 76 years of life. Ike was always quite a character and was very candid about his stru’ggles with addiction, s*xual ab*se as a child, and his ab*sive actions toward some women in his life. We all know Tina Turner’s story and now Ike’s last wife/his background singer, Audrey Madison Turner, has told her story in her memoir, “Love Had Everything to Do with It.” According to Audrey, one of the things she wants people to understand the most when reading her book, is the reason WHY Ike used to be’at her. This should be interesting. See what Audrey explained below.


Audrey Turner did an interview with Afro and stated that her husband, Ike, used to beat her because he had bip*lar dis*rder, which caused severe mood swings and his coc*ine use only exaggerated the problem. He didn’t find out he was bipolar until much later in life, after Audrey (whom Ike began dating in the early 2000’s) convinced him to go to a psyc’hiatrist. Audrey said:

“I decided to write [the book] because it was like a cleansing and it released all of the tra’uma. Also, I wanted the general public to have a better outlook and perspective on where Ike was mentally and emotionally, because so often, as a nation, we turn on people who have mental health issues and define them by their behaviors rather than their condition. It is easy to create m*nsters in people’s imaginations, but when you speak of this same person as generous, good-hearted, and kind, or as troubled, people realize that they are similar or have family members whose behavior is ‘that way.’

Ike suppressed a lot and between the chemical imbalances and the c*caine, paran*ia set [in and] took over his life.”

Audrey was able to recognize, and live with, Ike’s be’atings because she said that her mom was the same way, but was never officially diag’nosed:

“My mother would fly into a ra’ge and hi’t me, and then come back a little while later, and hug me, and call me her pretty little girl… and I began seeing that in Ike. One minute we’re talking and the next he’s sl*pped me, and then just as quickly, he was apologizing and we are both making excuses for why he did it,” Turner said. “I saw the connection and convinced him to get a professional diagn’osis,” says Audrey.- via Afro


After Ike Turner passed away in 2007, Audrey; Ike’s friend, attorney James Clayton; and Ike’s kids b*ttled it out in court over the strange wills Ike supposedly left behind. Audrey presented a handwritten will she said Ike wrote two months before his dea”th, which included her as a beneficiary. Clayton presented a handwritten will he said Ike wrote in 2001, which excluded Audrey and left Ike’s estate in the control of Clayton and one of Ike’s kids. Ike’s kids also argued that because Ike left no valid will, their dad’s estate should automatically go to them. We don’t know who won, but the journey to get there sure was interesting, to say the least.