Jane Doe Releases Statement Following Settlement, Now Claims Tiffany Haddish Would Never Do Anything To Harm Her Or Brother

Tiffany Haddish is finally getting a chance to clear the air surrounding recent allegations stemming from a comedy sketch with Aries Spears several years ago. At the center of her case is her lawyer, Andrew Brettler, who has maintained his client’s innocence and continued to call the case a shakedown. Haddish has reached an undisclosed settlement with the mother and two siblings suing her. Now that the case has been taken care of outside of court, the family is singing a different tune about what happened.

Andrew Brettler is a Hollywood lawyer with an extensive list of past clients, including Armie Hammer, Chris Noth, Danny Masterson, Bryan Singer, and Prince Andrew. Brettler is a partner in the LA-based firm Lavely & Singer. He spoke to Variety earlier this year about his pension for taking on difficult cases and said he believes people seek him out because he gets results.

Brettler represented Tiffany Haddish in a recent case where two child actors allege that she and Aries Spears groomed them during a tasteless sketch about pedophilia. While they both maintain that the sketch was a terrible idea, neither actor believes anything inappropriate happened to the kids. Instead, it’s been reported that the woman is a former friend of Haddish who even partied with her in 2020 and was upset about Tiffany not assisting in her comedy career.

In a move that seems to confirm this, the woman suing released a statement clearing Tiffany of any wrongdoing and admitting that Haddish would never do anything to hurt her or her children. While they said in the statement that they do not believe Tiffany would aid anyone else in hurting them either, they did not exclusively name Aries Spears or clear him of any guilt.

The entire thing has been really hard on Spears, who had just been in the headlines for some controversial remarks he made about Lizzo’s appearance ahead of her VMA performance. Spears has always maintained that this case was a shakedown as well, but it seems he was at the mercy of Haddish and her team since she had more money to throw at making it all go away.