Keke Wyatt Announces her 11th Pregnancy on Instagram

Keke Wyatt is pregnant again. She is all set to welcome her 11th baby in total but her 2nd child with her beau Zackariah Darring.

The “Wha If” singer is shocking everyone by having the strength to give birth to 10 kids and still wanting one more. She is truly a gifted woman. But this may be her last one according to her post.

She shared this news on Instagram with a big family photo and also a few snaps of her growing belly in a glamorous photoshoot.

What did she post?

Keke announced her 11th pregnancy on Sunday through her Instagram posts. In the post, you can see her big family. One may wonder that so many kids in one photo can be cousins but no, it is all Keke’s kids.

One of the kids was missing during the photoshoot which has been mentioned by Keke in the caption mentioning how she is equally important to the family.

She wrote, “My husband, Zackariah David Darring and I are proud to announce that our family will be adding a ‘plus 1’ to the Wyatt Bunch!”

For her Kayla Ford, she specifically mentioned “Our other daughter @0fficial.kaylaaaa wasn’t available for the picture but you’re with us in spirit Shuga!”

It is a typical family photo where everyone is wearing matching T-Shirts. In the first picture, you can see all the siblings wearing white Tees with the words Big Sister/Big Brother written on them in black. Keke is seen wearing a simple all-black dress with the symbol of loading which has not been completed yet and the words written are Baby Loading while one of her younger daughters hugs her belly.



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In the second picture, her husband Zackariah is seen standing next to her wearing a white Tee with the words “Here we go Again Last One” indicating that the 11th one will be their last kid.

Keke’s Maternity shoot

Following the big family photo, KeKe posted snaps of her looking all gorgeous in that pregnancy glow. She has seen very goddess-like in a full-length red flowing dress. The dress sits perfectly on her body. The cloth seems to be of stain which gives it that perfect shine. The neck goes down in a V shape while sends up around her neck making it a halter dress. The bottom half of the dress is of mermaid shape highlighting her curvaceous body.



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Extensions of the dress are flying behind her while her belly is exposed to show that baby bump. Her belly is covered in tattoos as she holds it. She is wearing bold red lipstick and her hair looks voluminous in platinum blonde colour with black roots.

Her hair has a bouncy blow-dry look which complements the concept of the photoshoot. Her background is all green and sunny while she stands in the middle in all red giving us the upcoming season of Spring feeling.

KeKe’s fans have taken to social media to congratulate her and her husband. Although many seem to be happy for her, few are making memes about her big family. You can see those tweets below.



About Keke Wyatt

Keke is a famous R&B singer. She started her career as a teenager. Her rendition of “Nothing In This World” got her noticed as she got nominated for the Best New R&B/Soul/Rap Artist award in the year 2001.

This kickstarted her career as a singer. Her debut album was called “Soul Sister” which she released in 2001 and her last release was in 2016 called “Related Love.” She has even an acting career which she started with touring theatre performances of Love Overboard where she was the lead performer.

She was married to Michael Ford with whom she shares 8 kids. Sadly, she does not co-parent them with Ford as he left no contact with her leaving all the kids to KeKe and Zackariah. She was dating Rahmat Morton before Zackariah with whom she shares one kid.