Mom Speaks Out After A Video Leaks Of Her Son All’egedly Dest’roying Her Home, Says Her Son is 15 and Mentally Il’l

By now you may have seen a viral video making its rounds on social media of a home that was pretty much des’troyed alle’gedly by a young man upset with his family.

The captions on the video indicated that the ch’ild was 12 and he des’troyed the home over the lo’ss of a cell phone. (All of which is not true)

Watch below:


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Now, mom is speaking out and clearing up the ru’mors.

In her video, she said her son is me’ntally il’l, 15 yrs old, and over 200 pounds. She said responded to comments that call for the child to be physically disciplined saying, she cannot ‘spa’nk’ him and saying he did not do what he did because of a cell phone.

She said it sucks that the video was put out.



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Mom’s best freind created a GFM to help with dam’ages and gave more incite into what happened.

Read below:

Hi, my name is Anny. I am creating this gofund for my best friend who is in desperate need of assistance. 5 years ago she moved to Florida and lost everything she owned in the moving truck. She then became homeless with her two kids since the family she stayed with could not handle her son’s me’ntal iss’ues (he has been refu’sing to take his medi’cation for some time causing him to be unstable). Since then she was able to get a stable home and attain all that was lo’st. She was so proud and grateful with God of how far she has come.

This past Friday was one if not the wo’rst day of her life as she watched her son lo’ose control and des’troy everything she owned and worked so hard for. She had no strength to stop him as she just under went sur’gery a little over a week ago.

If des’troying her home was not enough he also phy’sically att’acked her while his sister was locked in a room. All she could do was yell out for help.

He des’troyed anything that was bre’akable windows, dishes, tvs, tablets, refrigerator, work equipments, even the counter and to’ilet was bro’ken. The da’mage to her personal belongings could be replaced over time but the da’mage and des’truction to the apartment will be the most to re’pair and replace. This is why I’m reaching out.

P.S. Please don’t think that any amount of money is too small. If you can’t help monetarily pls keep her and her family in your prayers.

I included some pics so you can see the gra’vity of the da’mage but the site does not let me upload the full photo.


We are praying for mom and her family, it just goes to show that you never know what people are going through