Life with monkeypox: You feel very alone in this

The USA now surpassed 7500 monkeypox cases. The first person to get detected for the virus, named, Camille Seaton. The 20-years-old opened up about her experience having the deadly disease.

Talking about it, she said, “It was crazy. I was like, ‘What is wrong with me?’ Like, wow.” The woman also talked about where she possibly got the disease. It’s a gas station where she works and numerous people visit the place everyday.

She told, “I say I got it from touching dirty money or touching surfaces … just not being mindful of what I’m touching and then touching my face and then touching my hands and then touching my body,” she said. “Because let’s be for real, not everybody washes their hands every 15 minutes.”

Seaton was admitted to a hospital in Atlanta after discovering some bumpy rashes all over her face and then body. She said she felt ‘overwhelmed by the experience.’ “Every doctor who would come into my room had a big ol’ gas mask on and bubble suits and made me feel really alienated. Like, ‘Oh my gosh, what’s wrong with me, for real?’” she told a leading daily.

Reportedly, scientists could not reach a possible solution to cure the monkeypox, thus the Atlanta hospital offered Seaton a few options. “The doctors basically kicked me out of the hospital. … They said since there’s no cure and it’s new to them and there’s no treatment, like you feel very alone in this,” she said.

On the other hand, the monkeypox outbreak is peaking in the UK. Dr. Anthony Harris, the CEO and medical director of HFit Health, told a leading daily that people can contract monkeypox in several ways.

“We know that monkeypox is and can be transmitted primarily through skin-to-skin contact, with the body fluids from the pustules itself, but (also) prolonged skin-to-skin or touching … materials that were handled or soiled with body fluids from someone infected from monkeypox,” he said. “So, indeed, this may present, as the cases continue to rise, a possible work-related type of exposure, particularly if you’re in an at-risk environment, particularly health care environments as well as hospitality (industry).”

Meanwhile, no death case has been reported in the United States while many countries have already witnessed a high mortality rate. 

The federal government imposed a public health emergency to bring attention to the monkeypox outbreak. Also, The announcement will further allocate resources and budget to health care.