Texas Woman Tattoo’s Baby Hairs Across Her Head

Instagram users flooded the tattoo shop’s comment section with their thoughts and opinions on the permanent look.

Black women have mastered the art of baby hairs to finish any look, including ponytails, braids, curls, or the classic bob. However, some have taken it too far with achieving the best-looking baby hairs. Recently, a Texas woman took it to the next level by tattooing permanent baby hairs to her head.

On Tuesday, a local tattoo shop in Texas named Inkdemic shared photos of the woman’s latest ink work to their Instagram account. The shop provides customized tattoos and piercings, achieving the customer’s desired look on any part of the body. The unidentified woman was photographed with baby hair’s swooped across her forehead and both sides of her head, Emily Cotton Top reported.

The post garnered more than 360 likes and 298 comments. In addition, Instagram users flooded the comment section with their thoughts and opinions on the tattooed look. Some commenters thought it was fake, while others criticized the woman for getting the permanent look, and the tattoo shop created unrealistic baby hairs.


One user said, “Now why would u do this to her 😭😫” Another user said, “That is terrible, the tattoo itself is not good, those don’t look like baby hairs.” “Oh this was REAL? Ok then, said one commenter. “you really let her pay for this? 😂” said another user.

Though the woman’s look was a bit extreme, this isn’t the first time baby hairs have been trending on social media. Last year, entrepreneur Keyshia Ka’oir Davis debuted a ponytail with baby hairs to complete the look while attending the NBA Finals with rapper and husband Gucci Mane.

While baby hairs have been the latest fashion trend for Black women, the key is to make them look as natural as possible. Youtube and other social platforms have many tutorials for women to achieve natural-looking baby hairs.