What?! Instagram influencer Gena Tew tested positive for AIDS?

Instagram influencer and model, Gena Tew is tested positive for AIDS. The social media star, known for several link ups with celebrities, opened about her feelings and how she got the deadly virus. Earlier the influencer was related to celebrities like Nick Cannon, Chris Brown, Chief Keef among others, and her link ups are raising many eyebrows after she was detected with the disease.

Taking to Tiktok, the influencer revealed that she hasn’t gotten tested for more than 10 years. She could also be heard addressing her followers and admitting that she is not aware of when and how she was affected by HIV. The influencer further stated that it was her doctor who confirmed that the virus has been in her system for almost a decade.

Gena Tew is often seen sharing a sneak peek of her dating life. Earlier she was photographed for the brand Black Pyramid by Breezy with former beau, Chris Brown. The latter, however, shared the pictures on his Instagram profile. The model also shared her story of hanging out with Nick and Chief Keef in LA and NYC. However, the model has never confirmed an intimate relationship with any of her past partners.

In her interaction session with followers, Tew revealed she “hadn’t gotten tested for HIV or AIDS during an eight to ten year period, and only got tested once the symptoms became noticeably debilitating.” She also stated that if she ‘hadn’t been tested In 8-10 Years,’ she would’ve ‘early died from AIDS.”

Meanwhile, the TikToker admitted that she “had been raped several times”, when she “was homeless and living in New York City.” Gena further gave a hint that it could be the possible cause of her infection. On the other hand, Tew is a heavily inked model that her fans might’ve noticed. She added that she “had also received several free tattoos, with the blood-borne illness known for being spread through needles.”

“Could it have been a dirty needle? I don’t know. Do I know those people? No. Did I say anything when those things happened? No. Because I was naive and I was stupid and I was young,” she said.